Health Guarantee
Breeder guarantees the health of all
puppy's and that the dog is a purebred
Doberman with AKC registered parents.

Breeder guarantees the dog is in good
health at the time of purchase, with the  
immunizations given on the dates
provided in a record book.
Buyer may take the dog to a vet within 72
hours of receipt for examination. If dog is
found to have any health problems, buyer
must notify breeder immediately OF ANY
LETTER. Dog may be returned to the
breeder at the buyers expense for  a
different pup of equal value.

If the health problem is minor, and buyer
wishes to keep the animal, vet fee for the
health problem will be paid by the new
owner. If the buyer gives the vet the okay
to perform medical procedures then the
vet bill must be paid in full by the buyer.

Buyer shall assume full responsibility for
the health, temperament, size, and
appearance of the dog after said 72 hours.

Buyer further agrees to maintain the dog
at all times in good health with periodic
checkups, and recommended
immunizations. The actions and
upbringing of the puppy are the
responsibilities of the new owner. Under
no circumstances is the breeder to be
held responsible for the dog’s behavior.